All theory and practical courses related to kitchen and bakery

Working as part of a kitchen brigade, students learn basic preparation methods and kitchen procedures as they prepare daily luncheon for service in the School restaurant. Different techniques are developed as food is also prepared each day for service in the à la carte style. Cuisine Practice includes hygiene and safety, recipe preparation and interpretation and use of kitchen equipment.

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 Examines issues related to microbial activities, whether they are food borne, airborne, or waterborne, and their relationship particularly to the hospitality and catering  industry. Emphasizes the development of a systems approach to understanding and managing microbial risk. Food product flow, cleaning and sanitation of equipment, environmental sanitation and maintenance. Accident prevention. Food safety regulations.

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Instructs the ability to identify and differentiate various food products, including nutritional value knowledge. includes the structure and organization of a Hotel restaurant kitchen as well as bulk cooking and the use and maintenance of common restaurant kitchen equipment. Knife handling, cookery methods, ingredient use. Vegetables, stocks and sauces, soups, fish dishes, meat dishes, deserts. Recommends to use of Cuisine computer program. Foods of animal origin, foods of plant origin.  Co-requisite: Cuisine practice