Food and Beverage Staffs of Hotel

Function of Food and Beverage Department, Food Production, Food and Beverage Services, Support Services, Organization of the Food and Beverage Department, Function of Food and Beverage Manager, Organization of Main Kitchen, Organization of Satellite Kitchen, Organization of Bakery and Confectionery, Organization of Kitchen Stewarding (Support Department), Purchase and Stores Department (Support Department) , Restaurant Organization, Banquet Organization, Room Service Organization, Lounge Organization, Bar Organization, Dispense Bar Organization, Intra-and – Inter-Department Relationships, Intra-Department Relationships, Inter-Department Relationships , Qualities Required for Food Service Staffs


Food Service Equipment

Introduction, Furniture, Linen, Glassware, Tableware, Special and Miscellaneous Equipment and Their Uses , Disposables, Purchase Considerations for Food Service Equipment, Capital Avoidable, Type of Clientele, Style of Service, Location, Efficiency and Durability, Cost of Maintenance, Replacement, Menu Items, Type of Meal on Offer, Storage, Suitability for Multiple Applications, Design and Pattern to suit the Décor, Operation Cost, Storage of Service Equipment, Crockery, Glassware, Linen, Cutlery and Hollowware, Furniture

Ancillary Sections

Introduction, Still Room, Silver Room/Plate Room, Wash-up, Hotplate, Pantry, Linen Store, Dispense Bar

Styles of Food Service

Introduction, Waiter Service, Self-Service, Assisted Services, Factors Influencing the Styles of Service 


Menu Knowledge and Planning


Origin of Menu, Functions of Menu, Types of Menu, Other Types of Menus, Menu of Institutional Catering, Cyclic Menu, French Classical Courses, A la Carte Sequence, Order of Category of Continental Dishes in A la Carte Menu, Order of Category of Indian Dishes in A la Carte Menu

Cover and Accompaniments for Selected Dishes

French and Culinary Terms

French and Culinary Terms, French Names, Writing the Menu in French

Menu Planning

Introduction, Points Considered While Planning the Menu, Competition, Policy of the Establishment, Customer, Operational Aspects, Gastronomic Standpoint, Nutritional Aspect, Government Regulations, Compiling A la Carte Menu, Extensive Choice, Pricing, Waiting Time Indian and Nepali  A La Carte Menu, Compiling Continental Table d’hote Menu, Compiling Menu with choice Amongst Courses and/or Within Courses, Compiling Menu with set Number of Dishes, One from Each Course, Indian  and Nepali Table d’hote Menu, Add-on Menu, Menu Compiling for Existing Operations , KOT/BOT,  Guests’Feedback, Food Service


Preparing the Restaurant-Before and After the Service

Introduction, Mise en Scene, Mise en Place, Lounge, Restaurant, Still Room, Pantry, Hot Plate, Toilets and Washroom, Points to be observed while laying the Cover, Furniture, Linen, Cutlery, Glassware, Crockery, Miscellaneous, Cover Laying Procedure in a Restaurant Prior to Guests’ Arrival (as a Mise en Place Activity), Cover Laying Procedure During  Service, Types of Cover, A la Carte Cover, Table d’hote Cover, Activities after the service

Service Procedure

Introduction, Rules to be Observed While Waiting at the Table , Meals and Snacks Served in the Restaurant, Flow of work, General Service Procedure During Lunch or Dinner, Service Procedure for A la Carte Lunch or Dinner in a Licensed Restaurant, Kitchen and  Purchase Incharge’s Staff’s feedback, Various Types of Menus Found in Hotels, Menu as a Sales Tool, Table of Reservations, Briefing , Greeting and Seating the Guests, Opening Napkins, Serving Water, Taking Order for and Serving Aperitifs, Serving Bread and Butter, Presenting the Menu, Offering Suggestion, Taking the Order, Taking orders for the wine, Recognition and Writing the Food Order, Correcting the Covers, Service of Soup, Clearance of Soup Bowls/Cups, Service of Fish, Service of Main Course, Clearing the Full Plates, Clearing Side  Plates Separately, Crumbing the Table, Laying/Adjusting Dessert Cutlery (Cutlery for Sweet Courses), Service of Sweet, Service  of Cheese, Service  of Savoury, Service  of Dessert, Service  of Coffee after Meals, Changing Ashtrays During the Service, Presentation and Settling of Bills and Seeing off the Guests, Service Procedure of Table d’hote Menu, Service Procedure of Indian  and Nepali Meal, Do’s and Don’ts during the Service



Introduction, Menu and Cover for Various Breakfast, Continental Breakfast, English Breakfast, Indian and Nepali  Breakfast , American Breakfast, House Breakfast, Service of Breakfast in Restaurant, Mise en Place, Taking Breakfast order, Serving the Breakfast, Breakfast Service from Buffer

Brunch and Afternoon Tea

Introduction, Brunch, Afternoon Tea, Full Afternoon Tea, Service Sequence for Full Afternoon Tea, High Tea, Indian and Nepali High Tea Menu, Reception Tea or Buffer Tea, Buffer Set-up, Food and Beverage Arrangement on the Buffer, Staffing

Room Service

Introduction, Location and Equipment Required for Room Service, Room Service Equipment, , Room Service Procedure, Mise en Place Activities, Order Taking for Room Service, Execution of Room Service Order, Collecting the Order and Carrying to the Room, Briefing, Other Services, Service of Lunch and Dinner, Service of Alcoholic Beverages, Organizing Private Parties, Placing Fruits Baskets and Cookies Platters, In-Room Facilities, Replenishment of Supplies, Satisfaction of Guests, Quick and Timely Service, Dishes at Correct Temperature, Portion Size, Hygienic and Attractive Presentation of Food, Clearance of Soiled Service Equipment on Time, Well-groomed Waiter

Gueridon Service

Introduction, Types of Trolley, Hors d’oeuvre Varies Trolley, Salad Trolley, Food Preparation,Carving,and Flambe Trolley, Cheese Trolley, Liqueur Trolley, The Equipment Used on a Trolley,  Maintenance of the Trolley Equipment, Safety in  Gueridon Cooking, Selection of Gueridon Dishes, General Points While Selecting and Handling Food,  Mise en Place Gueridon Service, Food Preparation Techniques, Advantages and Limitation of Guerdon Service, Dishes Prepared on the Trolley, Carving


Order Taking and Billing Methods

Introduction, Checking System in Food Service Operation, , Food Order and the Quantity Ordered, Methods of Taking Food Order, Check and Bill System, Service with Order, Duplicate System, Triplicate Checking System , Circumstantial BOT/ KOTs

Handling Situation

Introduction, Dealing with Different Situation and Guests in the Dining Areas, Dish Served Spoiled, Dish Dropped Accidentally, Spillage, Lost Property, Illness, Alcohol Cover Consumption, Lost Children, Unsatisfactory Appearance, Accident , Fire Accident, Dealing with a Suspicious Item or Package, Dealing with a Bomb Threat, Guest with Special Needs